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Refinished Harp Back Chairs


I haven’t had much time to post much lately, as I’ve been super busy. In additional to SEVERAL of my own projects, I’ve also been doing custom refinishing projects. I just completed a set of 4 chairs and am getting ready to start 2 side tables and a sofa table.

To complete this project, I used the following:


Refinished Harp Back Chairs



1. Mix up your DIY Chalk Paint and apply the first coat. There’s no need to sand the furniture when using chalk paint. Just make sure to wipe it down to remove any dust and dirt.

2. Apply 3 coats of chalk paint, allowing each coat time to dry. This doesn’t take long as chalk paint dries fairly quickly.

3. After your 3rd coat is dry, use your sand paper to distress various areas of the chairs. This isn’t difficult to do, it’s just tedious. Also, you may want to wear tight fitting rubber gloves – that is, unless you don’t mind sanding some of your skin off in the process.

4. Apply wax (working in small sections) and wipe off excess with an old t-shirt or rag. Allow wax to harden over night.

5. Use your steel wool and gently sand each chair. You do not need to press hard. Pretend you’re wiping it down to give it a quick cleaning. This will remove any excess and smooth it out.

6. Buff each chair, using a microfiber buffing cloth. This will give the chairs a nice smooth finish.

7. Step back and smile at your awesomeness!


These chairs were a custom refinishing job for a client. I wish they were mine. I just love how they look! Take a peek at the “before” photo and the “during” photo (before distressing), below. Isn’t it awesome how paint can make such a big impact?