Turning trash into treasure, one piece at a time

Refinished Antique Dresser with Mirror

How adorable is this refinished antique dresser with mirror? Before I gave it a makeover, it was a plain Jane piece that was begging for a face lift. Overall, it was in great condition. The only issue with it was a broken leg. Fortunately, it was a clean break (and the person I bought it from, still had the leg) so it was a very simple repair.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted the final piece to look like, so I started by stripping it down to the original wood, applied wood conditioner and then stained the top and drawers. I went over several ideas in my head, knowing I didn’t want to do the typical creamy color that we see all too often on pieces like this. Eventually, I stood over my huge paint selection, hoping one of the colors I had would pop out at me. That didn’t happen, so I decided to make my own custom creation. I mixed several colors together, until I ended up with a color that I loved. From there, I turned it into chalk paint, using my DIY chalk paint recipe).

Check out the before and after. What a difference, right?

I love how it turned out. At first, I was iffy but now, I adore it. I feel like this antique dresser has been reborn. It still retains it’s original charm, while being a mid more on the modern side. Even my kiddos and hubby are in love with it. Unfortunately for them, it’s not staying. That’s right. This show stopper is for sale in my shop (Atlanta area – OTP North). Only $385!