Turning trash into treasure, one piece at a time

Mid Century Mess

I promised my husband (and myself), that I wouldn’t purchase any more furniture until I refinish the pieces I already have. Yeah… that lasted like 3 days. I happened upon this mid century mess and had to rescue it. Just look at this sad and abused dresser. It’s awful. She’s covered in several layers of white and blue paint. Ahh…but they couldn’t stop there. They apparently let a toddler go to town on it, with a power sander. Ay-yai-yai. I don’t know what the previous owner was thinking, but I assume it started with “hold my beer”.

Not to fret though. Tomorrow, I become a professional stripper (pasties not required – just chemical resistant gloves). I’m going to strip her down to bear wood and (God willing), restore her back to her former glory. If, however, the dresser is too far gone to be restored, i’ll have no choice but to paint it. Either way, she’ll be beautiful. I’d just prefer to let her natural beauty shine.

Mid century furniture is a lot like the girl next door. Sure, she’s pretty with makeup (ie. paint) but it’s not necessary when she has such natural beauty.

Wish me luck…