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Glamorous Chest of Drawers

If you read my repurposed dresser post, I’m sure you noticed that I don’t hide from color. I embrace it. I love introducing bold colors into my home – especially with furniture. They’re statement pieces that double as conversation starters.

I just finished another glamorous furniture flip. This time, I updated an antique chest of drawers. What a difference! It went from bland to glam!



Amazing, right? I am totally in love with this paint. I love the color but it’s so much more than that. This paint (it’s the Marquee collection from Behr) is phenomenal! Instead of the usual 5 coats I do, I only had to do two – and I didn’t need any primer! That said, it’s not cheap. A single quart will run you about $19. Yes, I said quart! Normally, you can get a gallon of paint for less than that but this is top of the line stuff – and well worth it.

This stunning piece is currently for sale (Canton, Georgia area). Check out my shop to order this, or other creations that I’ve completed.

Not local? No problem! Here’s how I did it..


1. Remove hardware from the chest and set aside.

2. Sand the entire chest using your electric sander. You can do this by hand but it will take forever (and will hurt your hands).

3. Wipe down the chest of drawers to remove sawdust.

4. Apply wood conditioner (liberally) and allow it to soak in for 15 minutes. Wipe of excess.

5. While that’s soaking in, apply a coat of spray paint to the hardware. Add a second coat 15 minutes later.

6. Paint the chest with your favorite paint (I used Verdant Forest from Behr Marquee) and allow it time to dry. The paint I used, dries very quickly. I was able to do a second (and final) coat in an hour.
7. Next, we apply the wax. It’s important to note that wax dries very quickly so you need to work in small areas. Apply the wax using your wax brush and then gently wipe it off with a rag. The chest will look AWFUL but trust me, it’s temporary.

8. Once the entire piece is coated, allow it to dry overnight.

9. Use your #0000 steel wool and gently sand over the entire piece. You don’t want to press hard. Think of it like you’re wiping your kitchen counter with a scrubby sponge. You’ll see that the excess wax comes off very easily.
10. Use your microfiber buffing pad and make your masterpiece shine. Just work it back and forth until the sheen is even.

11. Allow the piece to fully harden (about 24 hours) before using it.

It’s definitely a tedious project but the result is well worth it.


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