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Flea Market Finds: I Scored Big

remington typewriter
Whenever I visit a flea market or antique store, I always end up eyeing the old typewriters. There’s something about them that draws me in. Sadly, they’re always way….WAY outside of my budget. A girl can dream though.

Today was just like any other flea market trip (click here for 10 flea market shopping tips). I arrived early with my list in hand. I knew what I was there for and I was on a mission. I found a couple things that were on my list and then took some time to browse. During my stroll, I spotted an old Remington Rand typewriter. As I approached this magnificent piece of history, my eyes grew and my heart raced. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Scratch that. I couldn’t believe the asking price! I thought I was seeing things! There it was, right in front of me…and at a price that I could NOT pass up.

Before I┬átell you what I spent, let me show you what these sell for in good condition (that’s just GOOD – not very good or excellent). Have a looksie:


Yeah, you read that right. They sell for $825 in just “good” condition! Holy shnikes! That’s a big chunk of change right there. I didn’t spend anywhere NEAR that amount. In fact, I spent way less than I have seen them sold for – and mine is in perfect working order! It just needs some new ribbon – which is less than $10 (old ribbon = dry ink).

Okay…you ready for this? You ready for what I actually spent? The seller had it priced at $35 firm. In my head I was screaming “OMG! Shut up and take my money!” but I kept my cool. As I was looking it over, she goes “Oh please, take this thing. I don’t want to bring it back home”. Suddenly, the word “firm” turned to negotiable in my mind. I turned to her, asked if she’d take $25 and she said yes! Can you believe it? $25 for a WW1 typewriter in very good condition! I knew it was worth more than I was spending but I had NO idea they can fetch over $800! $100 – $250 was what I was expecting (which is still a huge deal) – but apparently this particular model is worth even more!

Long story short, take your time. You never know where the gems are hidden!