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Flea Market Finds: Hallmark Christmas Countdown

Yesterday was my husbands day off – and like most of his days off, we spend them cramming in every errand under the sun. It’s not an easy task. Grocery shopping, doctors appointments, runs to Home Depot, etc. They all have to be done in 1 day or it has to be put off for another week. With only one vehicle between us we really don’t have much choice.

While we were out and about, hubby took me to a few thrift stores. I was trying to find some metal cheese graters that I can repurpose (I’ll be posting about those another day). We were able to find 2 so far (I’d really like 5 of them) but that wasn’t the exciting part. It was at our last thrift store stop for the day that I found something really awesome – and I wasn’t even looking for it! Funny how that happens!

While perusing the isles, I found this adorable Hallmark Christmas Countdown Clock. At the time, I didn’t know what company made it or how much they sell for. It didn’t even cross my mind. I just knew that I had to have it!

Below the countdown clock, was a sign that said to ask for assistance in testing the electronic devices. So, I found a manager and asked him to test it for me. He didn’t, but he swore to me that he had already tested it and can confirm that it does in fact work. For only $8.98, I was willing to risk it. I mean, even if it didn’t work it was too cute to pass up.

On the way home, I stopped by Walmart to do some grocery shopping and picked up a pack of batteries. I couldn’t wait to try it out!

As soon as I got home, I put the food away, popped the batteries into the back of it and hoped for the best. SUCCESS! It does in fact work! I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I swear, the smallest things have the biggest impact with me.

This adorable piece not only counts down to Christmas (using days, hours, minutes and seconds), but it also has a button you can press to see the timer in the dark (pictured below). It even says “Merry Christmas” across the screen on Christmas Day! How cool!

So here’s where things got even better… I posted about my awesome find, on my other Facebook page (the one for my deal blog, The Daily Goodie Bag). One of my readers said she won one of these from Hallmark a couple of years ago. That reminded me that I hadn’t even checked to see who made it or if it was worth anything. So, off to Google I went – and what I found was incredible.

This adorable Christmas Countdown Santa comes with quite a hefty price tag. They go upwards of $250 (click here to see for yourself)! Holy cow! I would never spend that kind of money on it. It’s certainly made very well and is quite large, but that’s a LOT of money to drop at one time. Especially on something you won’t be using daily.

Some people take time to smell the flowers. I take time to smell the savings.