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DIY Raised Vegetable Garden

I don’t know about you, but I am so over winter. I am not a fan of the cold as it is (which is why I moved to Georgia) but this winter was particularly harsh. Fortunately, Spring is creeping in!

For years now, i’ve said that I was going to start a fruit and vegetable garden. Sadly, it never happened. Something always got in the way and by the time I was able to start, it was too late to plant for the season. Not this year! I was armed and ready!

EDIT: Here’s an UPDATE on my DIY Vegetable Garden

I love the thought of growing (and eating) my own food. I just don’t have a lot of time to dedicate. With 5 kids (one that’s homeschooled) and 3 businesses that I own/run, I barely have time to sleep – let alone garden. So, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a simple solution… a DIY Raised Vegetable Garden.


There are so many ways you can go about doing this, but I wanted to use items that I had on hand. Frugality is very important to me. I ended up using a few plastic bins, which I sat on an old outdoor table (the previous homeowners left it behind).

I did, however, purchase organic soil, a hose and a drill bit from my local hardware store. The hose and the drill bit are what’s going to save me a LOT of time! Why? Because this is now a self watering garden! All of the plants are watered from underneath. This method also allows your veggies to receive adequate water as they’re absorbing it through the roots. Here’s how it’s done:

DIY Raised Vegetable Garden


Step 1: Gather your supplies


Step 2: Clean and dry your bins.

Step 3: Drill holes into the side of your bins. Placement doesn’t have to be exact. Note: Make sure you also drill several small holes in the bottom of each bin, to allow for proper drainage.

Sidenote: There’s something so sexy about a man who works with his hands.¬†Sorry ladies, this one is all mine!


Step 4: Place the bins in an outdoor location that gets at least 7 hours of direct sunlight each day. Then, feed the hose through the holes, weaving it in and out.


Step 5: Fill your bins with the soil. Tip: This is a great task for the littles. They’ll love to participate!


Step 6: Gently bury the base of your fruits/veggies in the soil. You want to cover the roots completely but don’t pack the soil to tight.


Step 7: Attach the hose to your spigot. Now, anytime you want/need to water your garden, all you have to do is turn the spigot on. The water will flow through the hose and into the soil. The roots of your plants will then absorb the water. So simple!

I only have pics of my lettuce (and the 2 pots of green peppers) right now, but I did this same method with various peppers, green onions, spinach and strawberries. I can’t wait to eat the “fruits” of my labor (heh.. see what I did there?).


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