Turning trash into treasure, one piece at a time

Antique Dresser (Coming Soon)

This weather is really slowing me down. It’s raining so much that it feels more like Portland than Canton, Ga. Under normal circumstances, the rain wouldn’t have too much of an effect as I tend to work in my garage. That’s not possible at the moment, because I went a tad overboard, buying furniture. When I tell you that it’s jam packed, i’m putting it mildly. It’s so full, that it has spilled over into my living room and bedroom.

I’ve promised my family (as well as myself) that I wouldn’t purchase anymore pieces until I finished (and sell) several of the ones I already have. That’s great news for y’all, because I have a boatload of quality pieces. One of them, is an antique dresser that was in desperate need of some love. The mirror was broken at some point, there’s water rings on top, and numerous scratches all over it. Still, it has good bones. I see the potential in this piece, which is why I opted to get this one refinished, before any of the others that I have on hand.

As you can see from the preview images above, it’s not much to look at right now. Stay tuned though! The reveal will be coming within the week!